Solar FAQs

1. Do you charge for the extra power the solar panels produce? And why?

Our Answer: No we do not, the extra power is yours for increasing your comfort level.

2. Do you expect to use our Internet to monitor your system?

Our Answer: No we do not. In today’s age with so much Identity theft our company took a stand and use only a monitoring system that works off of Verizon Wireless cell towers.

3. Does the system your offering give me the best benefit available? What is the inverter you use?

Our Answer: The system we offer you will only host a Micro Inverter. The difference is a String inverters works off the old christmas light concept that if one was bad the whole line quit working String inverters are old technology that effect a whole line of panels if one is shaded or one malfunctions.

4. How long does it take to install?

Our Answer: We install within 2-4 weeks.

5. Why does your Solar Program only go for 20 yrs. when the Solar panels have a 25 yr. warranty?

Our Answer: We only do a 25 yr. Warranty. Stopping the program for a customer at 20 yrs. puts them in a hard position. You don’t want to go back to your old Utility as the rates are extremely high (Utility companies have gained 6% annually for 16 yrs. on their rates. They know they don’t have to change out the system but they can ask for a larger payment still lower then the Utility of that area.

6.(If the event a Lease is being sold to you ask this) Does your lease have a payment due at the end of the term?

Our Answer: No we do not charge anything extra fee at the end of the 25 yr. term.

7. I have learned that my solar payments would be less if I did other energy efficiency measures first, do you agree?

Our Answer: Yes we do. Putting solar on a home before doing an energy evaluation doesn’t make much sense.

8. Our home gets hot in areas of the house how can your program solve this?

Our Answer: We will install a Whole House Fan, window shading where needed and a Variable Speed Pool Pump then we look at Solar for your home which by doing the above lowers your need for solar panels dramatically.

9. I live within 300 yards of a Golf course, can I have solar and it still be financed through your program?

Our Answer: Yes you can, and yes it can be financed through us. Most solar finance programs do not allow this

10. What happens at the end of the term of the solar program.

Our Answer: We show all our Homeowners the Lease contract. Ours clearly states that if we have not removed the Solar panels at the 3 months after the term has ended they solar system is yours at no extra cost.

Major Issue:

Let me make this very clear, I have learned that many solar sales people answer this wrong. Your best answer to this in in the contract itself. Whats in the contract is your answer – nothing a Sales Rep. tells you is legal and binding unless it can be backed up by the contract wording. Their are 3 options generally in a Solar contract for the end of the term.
1. Remove the entire system as if it had never been their thus allowing the Homeowner to go back to their original utility.
2. Renew for another 5 yrs.
3. Do nothing and the Solar panels since you have reached the end of the term can be yours so long as the company allows that. It is this option that solar sales reps will state they will negotiate a price or do nothing and unless that is what the contact states they would be wrong.